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The Hottest Craze for Year 2010: the Celebrity Fitness Trainer

There’s a new celebrity in town. She’s called the celebrity fitness trainer, and all signs in 2010 point to her becoming a celebrity of her own. Part of the reason is simple — if you want to train celebrities, you had better be able to compete on their level. That means dynamic personality, captivating looks, and that magnetism that makes someone famous.

Two-Piece Swimwear Health Models Are Famous

It’s not just women who look _good_ in bikinis, it’s bikini fitness models in general who are becoming more and more popular. The key is the fitness — it’s no longer enough to just have a thin body that you can pop a bikini onto, the public is looking for women who convey that essential notion of fitness and energy, too.

Wellness Contests Are Getting Popular

Another technique that these health megastars use to get the popularity all over the media nowadays is through the fitness competition shows in TV, which are getting more and more popular these days. This technique is absolutely wonderful for those intending to take fitness seriously, and the frontrunners of these shows would typically become the next health megastars rightfully.

Megastars Are Getting More Conscious About Their Shape

Superstars are the fashion icons of late. If you flipped through Vogue glossy magazine fifteen years back, you could see there were mostly top models decorating the front page of the magazine — but now, it’s nearly all the time the faces of superstars, whose fashion tastes bring about a great impact to the fashion world (one way or another).

Megastars have turned out to be the fashion idols nowadays. If you peeked through the copies of Vogue magazine the past fifteen years, you would notice that there were mostly adorned by pictures of supermodels on the magazine cover however today, magazines cover are decorated with pictures of megastars, whose fashion senses play a significant role in the fashion business.

To Conclude

Celebrity fitness trainers have everything going on for them this 2010: keeping the megastars fit, getting the world to talk about fitness, and becoming megastars themselves. This year is all about them!

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