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The Health Benefits of Dance

Dance is hugely diverse, with styles ranging from Bollywood, to belly dancing, ballet to ballroom, salsa to street dance and urban. With so many forms of dance, there’s a style to suit every single taste. But dance isn’t just fun! It’s also got a range of health benefits.

One of the first major benefits is the fact that it can assist in weight loss. A half hour dance session, depending on the style of course, can burn off anything between 150 and 400 calories! There was recently a research study carried out, in which dancers enjoying an evening’s dancing wore pedometers. Over the course of the night, they had covered on average 5 miles each! In fact, dance is so effective as a means of burning calories that the UK government is hoping it might be the answer to childhood obesity problems. It has incorporated ballroom dance into school PE lessons.

Another benefit is the fact that dancing is great for cardiovascular conditioning. It can improve your cholesterol levels, lower your blood pressure and slow your heart rate. That can be a great thing for people of all ages.

The other major benefit is the fact that dance can help to strengthen bones. This is particularly useful for the older people, whose bones may be starting to weaken. Older people can find a style of dance that suits them and use that as a means of strengthening their bones.

When you add the health benefits to how much fun dance can be and the fact that it can be an excellent means of meeting new friends and offering social benefits, it’s almost a no brainer! And you don’t necessarily even need to worry about dancewear in the early days! Get started by joining beginners classes and just turn up in something comfy. Tracksuit bottoms and trainers will be fine. If you get into it you might want to consider specialist dancewear and shoes.

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