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The Fashion Statement That Eliminates

Is it true that guys who smoke cigarettes look way cooler than adult men who do not? Should you have asked me last week, then I would most likely say yes due to the fact I totally find blokes who smoke really cool. Well, other than the fact that they appear cool, they don’t have any alternative as of the moment since they are currently hooked on smoking and they cannot really help but light up a stick once they feel like it unlike a guy who does not smoke and just looks for other alternatives to keep himself busy.

Plenty of guys would most likely agree that smoking cigarettes a minimum of 5 times a day won’t hurt that much since that will only add up to approximately 35 stick per week, 140 sticks per month and 1,680 sticks per year. Yikes! I had never thought that I have been consuming that much smoke in a year. Also to consider that I have already been smoking for exactly ten years now. So that means I have smoked more than 16,800 sticks of cigarettes simply by now and much more.

I know for a fact that there were months when I was able to consume a whole pack of cigarettes in a day with 20 sticks in it. So that means I have possibly consumed more than 20,000 sticks of cigarettes by now. I know that it too much and thinking of how my lungs look like by now really scares me. Imagine how many 16,800 cigarettes sticks would look like if you were to lay them all out together in one pile. I could only imagine. My poor lungs. However, since I am barely 30 years old, I still feel no different from before.

I am still strong and I will be able to still do the things that I’ve already been doing for the past 10 years. Shopping is one of my personal favorite past times and I must admit that I get my regular exercise in the form of shopping where I get to walk a lot to look for the most beneficial purchases that I could get. But these days, I understood that I try to catch my breath after a few hours of brisk walking in the mall. I know that it is normal since everyone gets tired but this time, I do not think it’s normal to feel that way when I’m not even that tired yet.

My mind could endure to walk for another couple of hours but my lungs tell me to stop and just go for a smoke instead. For me, I consider cigarette as a part of my ensemble when I go out to a party. It has already been a part of the getup plus the seem will not ever be accomplish without the cigarette. It looks positive on photographs and I look like I could get away with doing the Louis Vuitton catalogue with the attitude that fashion and cigarette has already been providing me with. 2 days ago, I decided to stop smoking for great. If cigarette is a fashion that hopefully will certainly not go out of style, I don’t want any a natural part of it anymore. I have been too stylish for ten years and it’s just on the subject of time to get out of that fashion statement and acquire fit.

If I don’t do this step before I reach 30 years old, I probably won’t be able to kick the habit and I could possibly get an award in the form of a coffin very soon. I just hope it’s not too late. So far, I haven’t felt anything different and I would like to keep it that way. I believe in aging gracefully. Even if I grow old, there will still be fashion suitable for me that will make me look and feel better than before. I would like to end this with an excerpt from Eartha Kitt. “I am learning all the time. The tombstone will be my diploma.

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