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The Dangers Of Botox Injections By Phoenix Plastic Surgery

Botox has become a very popular quick fix for women that want to hide the signs of aging. Phoenix Plastic Surgery shares some facts on the side effects and possible dangers of Botox injections. Because of its popularity and effectiveness if you are looking to have Botox injections read the fine print.

With any non-invasive cosmetic procedures such as Botox there are always some side-effects to be expected. The patient will feel a slight discomfort, mild numbness, a burning and tingling sensation in the area where Botox injection took place. There will also be swelling, bruising, itchiness and redness in that area. These are considered to be temporary side effects.

Other side effects that are a bit more dangerous and more sever is the drooping eyes or eyelids or an allergic reaction. Depending on the severity of the allergic reaction it can be as minor as a skin irritation or sever enough for hospitalization. These side effects usually subside in a week or two. Other side effects maybe nausea or flu like symptoms, but these are usually even more temporary and pass in a few hours or days.

Always do your homework before any and all cosmetic procedures. Consult with your physician and ask as many questions as need be to be fully prepared for your procedure. Educate your family and friends on information as well so if any side effects do occur you will have antiquity help and support. Don’t allow yourself to be unprepared and so that nothing comes as a shock so things go smoothly.

Set realistic goals for the outcome of your Botox injections. Maintenance is the key to keeping your younger looking new appearance. Pre-book your future appointments to stay on a regular schedule so that your younger looking your stays that way without skipping a beat. Facing aging with a more youthful glow always makes it more pleasant.

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