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The Costly Reality of Michigan Health Insurance Misconceptions

Available in a variety of Michigan health insurance plans, selecting the right policy leaves many consumers baffled and quite often with unsuitable policies or none at all. Shoppers, looking for the most affordable monthly premium, usually end up with medical coverage, garnering too many out-of-pocket costs. An inflating unemployment deficit and uninsured setbacks, coupled with skyrocketing hospital bills continue to plague Michigan’s financially distressed citizens.

Almost fifty percent of Americans confess that they are unclear what their medical coverage includes or the difference between insurance terms, such as coinsurance, deductible, and co-payment. When it comes to selecting the right Michigan health insurance policy, the quandary is that insurance shoppers often don’t understand exclusions and out-of-pocket costs. The outcome is generally expensive, leaving many policyholders with unexpected hospital bills.

Being pregnant for the first time, Wanda Jones 32, was overwhelmed with many emotions when she learned that her low-premium health plan did not completely cover the cost of her awaited arrival. Upon the purchase of medical coverage for her small business, she had the misconception that her $2000 deductible would include the entire cost of her pregnancy. Her joy quickly turned into stress when she discovered that she was responsible for an extra $4000 for the delivery.

According to analysts, these medical coverage missteps happen all the time. As an expectant mother facing childbirth on her own, running a craft store in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the out-of-pocket deductible exceeded Ms. Jones savings account. She reports, “Since the jargon used in Michigan health insurance plans is so confusing. I never made time to understand the policy,” Had Ms. Jones asked the insurance agent to explain the policy she concludes, “I would have reconsidered single parenting.”

Mike Novelli, president of finds that unethical insurance brokers vend Michigan health insurance plans without disclosing all the details of the policies. Mr. Novelli recommends obtaining quotes from an insurance broker, who has an affiliation with a variety of Michigan health insurance plans. He also offers advice on avoiding unscrupulous brokers, “Shop for medical coverage from an ethical and experienced agent, who exudes the following qualities:

– Thoroughly explains the terms of the policy (Compares options between deductibles, coinsurance and low cost premiums).

– Never charges an application fee. (There is no cost to obtain a quote for Michigan health insurance).

– Offers professional, resourceful advice free of pushy sales tactics.

For additional consumer information pertaining to medical coverage in Michigan, one of the best resources, featuring Michigan health insurance and free Michigan medical quotes is Michigan Health & Life.