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The Best Fit Makeup For You

If you have ever used liquid makeup, you know that it can easily smear once you step outside of your house and into the moist air. Now, you do not have to worry anymore because mineral foundation is available for everyone to use from several different companies in many different stores all around the world. Different companies have perfected their version of mineral make up so the product can be a major factor when you are purchasing the makeup that is best for your skin. The most important factors to consider are color, price, and quality. If you have very dry skin, you may want to stay away from powders, but if you have very oily skin, you may want to stay away from large amounts of liquids.

Color matching is a certain thing that women have a hard time perfecting every day. Finding the right color for your skin can be hard as the skin on your arms and legs may be differently colored than the skin on your face. Your facial skin is much more susceptible and also tends to be much paler or lightly toned. If you can, try out the color in-store but if you cannot then it would be a better idea to ask an attendant for their advice or to try the product that is the closest match. If you are caught right in the middle of two colors, you will want to stick with the darker. The lighter color will wash you out but the darker will give you a more natural toned tan look. You can also mix colors and go with the lighter foundation and then apply on a darker powder.

Powder foundation is an entirely different story when it comes to makeup coverage. Powder tends to smooth over better than liquid foundation but it can also clump and look blotchy if you are not careful. The best tool for applying powder is the correct type of brush. You will need a larger and fluffier brush to get an even coverage of powder along your face. You can also use sponges but these tend to leave extra amounts of powder within the crease lines of your face and under the face and eyebrows. With the powder foundations, you carry the risk of dealing with rub-off syndrome. Basically everything you come in contact with or anyone bumps into you, potentially has the chance of getting makeup all over them. If you can apply an after makeup shine spray or even decrease the amount that you are using, and then you will be fine.

When buying your makeup, remember that you do not have to waste a fortune at the counters at the mall to get it. A simple trip to the local store will do and you will have a wide variety of different types of makeup available. The more expensive the makeup, the better, is what you have probably been told, but the truth is that you really have to do your exploring.

Often times the name brand has much to do with the cost. What you want to look for is the correct color, the texture, and a price that will not empty your pocket to the point of return. You also want to make sure that what you are buying is something that you will be able to purchase again when you run out.

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