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The Best Exercises for Chest & Shoulders

Here is a bunch of amazing push up variation exercises. The following videos show some Push-Up Workout Variations for Strength & Conditioning for the whole body. The following push ups are a great way to get that total body workout to include the core and some cardio vascular endurance and your anaerobic efficiency at the same time. So I urge you to build up to these over time.

Learn push-up variations for body weight management, health and fitness, and strength in this free exercise video on body weight strength and conditioning exercises.

As most people think, we all have “reasons” for not doing push-ups – either they are boring, not all that challenging, or we plain just don’t want to. These reasons become excused but now thanks to the following exercises all those reasons for missing out on push ups will be excused. Read on..

One of the greatest bodyweight exercises is the push-up. This is just the beginning of the quality content that I will be providing on this website. I hope this is of help to you. I want to thank my son for being my guinea pig and allowing me to take pictures of him.

Fitness – Dive Bomber Push Ups Exercise done by a girl.

3 Step Hindu Pushup

A variation on the hindu pushup in which the athlete moves between three positions slowly and pauses at the designated positions.

Dand, also called Hindu Pushup is a great workout for the developing upper body strength. Beginners can do 3 sets of 10-20 reps. For best results, mix it up with Hindu Squats or Baithak for Balancing upper and lower body strength. Good luck!

Indian Push Ups

Handstand pushups

a few freestanding handstand push ups

Dive Bomber Push Ups

Military Fitness exercise tip called “Dive Bomber Push-up.” This exercise is demonstrated by SGT Ken.
* Assumes no association with the US ARMY of the Department of Defense.

Demonstration of Dive bomber Push ups and Hindu Push ups.

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