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The Beauty Of Verde Butterfly Granite From Brazil

When it comes to hard-wearing and attractive stone for use in commercial and residential renovation building or projects, the mountain quarries of Brazil provide some of the most desirable. Called Verde Butterfly granite this surface material is highly favored by designers for kitchen counters, bathroom back-splashes or as luxurious cladding in office corridors, reception areas and elevators.

It is produced deep in the earth. The compression of molten rock with crystal particles creates an extremely strong kind of igneous stone surface. A favorite with decorators, this kind of stone is either cut thin and glued to lightweight panels or cut into polished slabs and tiles.

Butterfly is course-grained and predominantly dark green with fleck tones of lighter green, black or gold. As with all granite, the depth of the color can vary from slab to slab so it is essential to actually examine the stone lot being purchased to know the final effect it will have on a room and matching paint colors and accessories.

There are differences too in how porous each quarried stone is. Some might require the application of an epoxy resin to fill in pits and flaws to create a smooth surface; other slabs might be flawless and require nothing but a polish.

This Grade A stone is a more expensive kind of material than Ubatuba or Green Peacock strains which are also quarried in Brazil. They all have similar resilience and uniformity but Butterfly has more complex markings and greater depth of color.

When choosing granite for a counter-top or bathroom, it definitely pays to shop around. Sometimes dealers will import unusual amounts of stone. They may be in a position to pass on the resulting savings to the consumer. Even when quoted an excellent price, the customer is strongly advised to check out the specific piece of stone before it is bought and cut. As with all natural stone there is a great deal of variation so the reserved piece should be examined in detail for flaws and colors.

Man-made surfaces just do not match up to the incredible beauty of natural stone surfaces, each unique and special. Of all the hard stones, Verde Butterfly granite is prized for its rich color and intricate patterning. Whether used in large pieces for counters or back-splashes or cut into tiles to create a luxurious bathroom or spa area, it offers the best from Nature.

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