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The Basic Principles of Stretch Marks

No one wants to have stretch marks but sometimes they are something that you just cannot avoid. Stretch marks or striae are experienced not only by grown-ups but also by the young ones because they also occur at teens experience growth spurts during puberty.

Although skin is expandable and elastic, there are occasions where it get’s stretched to far that it breaks the threshold of elasticity and injures the skin. The injury is characterized by red and purple line marks that turn to scars or stretch marks. These scar lines are expected to disappear as time goes by.

The common reasons of stretched skin are weight gain, pregnancy, muscle growth and rapid growth spurts which usually occur during puberty/teenage stage.

Stretch marks are types of skin scars that result from injury caused by being stretched beyond its elasticity limit. In the process, some bleeding of the microscopic blood vessels occur along with skin irritations which results in the red and purple color lines that characterizes these skin surface marks.

Two factors that can explain the appearance of stretch marks are collagen and elastin, which are two types of protein that make up the connective tissues of the skin and give it that elasticity. Scar tissues are basically just replacement of the original skin that got damaged. They are however made of weaker tissues that do not inherit the good qualities of the normal skin it replaces. They also have different color because pigments are also not recreated in scars.

Stretch marks will disappear eventually. All you just have to do is be patient and you should see them fade as you wait. However, if you have the extra money to expedite the skin’s healing process, then you can splurge on such treatment products. Be careful though because there are some of them that may not really work as advertised.

But those that work basically tackle the underlying factors that affect the occurrence of scarring: collagen and elastin. Creams and skin applications that deal with the issues concerning them would probably have the highest likelihood of succeeding. But they may require a doctor’s prescription to acquire.

So if you really want to get rid of your stretch marks really fast, a visit to a dermatologist or a skin reconstruction doctor will really be the right road to take.

Keep your skin perfect for as long as possible using skin care information that are safe and scientifically proven. After reading this article, proceed to the author’s guide on the many stretch mark treatment methods out there.