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The Babylonians And Gold

The Babylonians rose to power in’00 BC, and ruled Mesopotamia. It was in huge tumult, and also an under developed city by that time. Later, the rule of Hammurabi developed this city into a well-flourished and prospered region of the world. Hammurabi was the founder of the most unforgettable civilisation of the world, remembered even today. Within no time, Babylon emerged as a core of all sorts of religious, monetary, and political activities.

Even after thousands of years, Babylonians are still known for their exceptional grandeur, glory, and grace, which they attained at that time. They had the greatest gold treasure trove in the history of humankind, and there are many who still want to know the secrets of that great gold treasure that was buried in different tombs, and other places of that city.

Like several other civilisations of the world, Babylonians were also fond of gold, and used it in different items. They travelled in quest of gold from one region to another. They used gold for several different purposes. Sometimes they used it as an ornament, while at the same time they also made utensils, and other items for daily usage. Gold was also used in making idols, and other sculptures. These gold statues and utensils were later on discovered from several ancient buildings, tombs, and reliquary.

They also used the precious element in making different types of jewellery in such an impressive ways that it serves as an evidence of their great calibre dexterity. At that time, not only women, but also men used to wear gold jewellery, and the element was adorable for both the genders. On the other hand, they also employed gold for making items of daily usage.

Still the emblems of their artisanship can be seen in museums of Iraq, and the UK. These gold items give us the evidence of their skill of moulding gold in to different shapes. All these preserved items are quite impressive proofs of their civilisation for the entire world.

These gold items, which are displayed in the museums, reveal several facets of their lives to the world. Many of the gold bars, and items are embossed with such images, which depict their religious, cultural as well as mythical backgrounds. Moreover, you can also see the various phases of the reign on these items.

There are gold items obtained from Babylon, which are also found in other parts of the world. It gives us the evidence that these items were purchased from other parts of the world as well, which shows their craze for gold.

Several archaeologists have the opinion that Babylonians had advanced ways of using gold in walls, and other interiors. Like today, gold was considered as the sign of prosperity, and privileged citizens. Those who had considerable amount of gold engraved, and embedded in their houses were considered to be more prestigious. Now several thousands of years have passed, but still archaeologists are in search of gold treasure trove of Babylon.

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