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The Australian Gold Rush

It just needs a Gold Rush to turn someone into millionaire in just one flash. A gold rush is defined as an era of passionate migration of labour into a vicinity where there has been a discovery of enormous amount of gold. Gold rushes was an incidence of’th century in South Africa, Brazil, Canada, Australia, and the USA.

Gold rushes are normally marked with the optimistic, and positive approach towards something that is free-for-all. This makes it feasible for any person to turn into utterly affluent instantaneously. The explanation mentioned earlier is what a gold rush was. Plenty of people connect gold rushes to the Californian gold rush, even though it is a reality that the Australian gold rush remains up till now as the wealthiest gold rush of the planet.

The Australian gold rushes started in’51 when Edward Hammond Hargraves went to Lewis Pond Creek along with the guide John Lister. Where these people filled, and washed some pans, they found out that they had gold. This news was heard every where all over the world, and in the next few days lots of people from every walk of life were found digging as if their existence depended on this.

Hargraves did not get an immense luck from gold. However, Hargraves named the Bathurst goldfield Ophir. Afterwards, James Tom, who was a planter, stated that it was not Hargraves, but actually he, himself who discovered the gold. Even then, the decision of the government went in opposition to him. Hargraves was known as the Crown Land Commissioner of New South Wales. William Tom, and John Lister detained one more enquiry, just earlier than he died in’99, and then it came in support of the maintenance alleges that were made. (According to brother of James Tom)

The first discovery was in New South Wales, followed by Clunes, Ballarat, Buninyong, and then Bendigo Creek. Soon gold was found in all of the other Australian states. The first gold license was issued in Victoria on’51. Varying amounts of licenses were issued through out the country.

The Victorian gold rush, after the Californian gold rush was the most immense amongst gold rushes of Australia. The gold rush had a massive significance, since it proved to be a turning point in monetary and political growth of Melbourne, and Victoria. During’51, more or less 250,000 ounces of gold was found.

The gold rushes of Australia gave a lot of support in the development of the main areas of the city. It was a time when most of the telephone lines, and railway lines were constructed. The huge population of people gave rise to multi-culture, and racism

During’52, nearly 370,000 immigrants came into the country, and hence the economy experienced a welcome boost. In’50s, Victoria itself discovered nearly one third of the entire gold discovery of the world. Within two years, the number of people raised from 77,000 to nearly 540,000. An exciting reality to mention here is that the amount of immigrants that entered was greater than the total population of criminals during the previous 70 years that arrived there.

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