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The Advantage Of Having A DVR To Movie Making

I still remember when I first saw an ad in a technology magazine for something called a Digital Video Recorder. I thought to myself, this will never work, how on Earth can you manage to store hours of films on something called a hard drive? It just seemed that tapes and cassettes were always going to be around.

Great idea I remember thinking to myself. No more running out of tapes all the time, no more having to fish around with fast forward and rewind options to try to find the program that I wanted to watch.

The ad went on to say that you could even record programs on the hard drive when you were not even at home. You could automatically program the Digital Video recorder to do this, and the quality of the recorded picture was much better than on a tape cassette.

But like anything else this new, this technology came at a price. The first DVR units were selling for around $1000.00, and unfortunately this was a bit out of my price range; I had to wait a couple of years before the price finally dropped before I could afford to buy my first DVR.

But aside from that my DVR was just how it was supposed to be, and the ability to record programs as stated made my life a lot simpler.

Now you can get even more programs on the hard drives, and this is because the hard drives just keep getting bigger and better.

Funnily enough it seems a long time ago when the DVR was first introduced, but it was not that long ago really. But just like more recent inventions such as the cell phone it is hard to imagine life without my DVR.

They are such a handy piece of equipment to have, and if anything goes wrong with your cable, at least you have a back up of programs to watch that are stored on your DVR.

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