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The ABC’s of Horse Jewelry

Jewelry with horses on it, otherwise known as horse jewelry, has fascinated people throughout the ages. Dating back to the most ancient of times, families and individuals would often incorporate the images of a horse on their most treasures possessions…including their jewelry. It was usually made from the most precious of metals and gems, such as silver, gold and of course, diamonds. Passed down from generation to generation, they were to become valuable keepsakes.

Where does this come from? This desire to incorporate a mere “animal” into precious jewelry that will be owned, loved, and shown to others? It’s not too hard to fathom when we think of the horse, an animal with a number of desirable traits that that we all hope to possess in our own character. These traits are:

1) The Strength of the Horse. Horses have been asked to perform man’s most menial tasks for years and years. Consider the workhorses like the Clydesdale. They can plow the fields all day long and still find time to pull those famous Budweiser Wagons. Jewelry that incorporates the horse design will exude the strength and shear power of this magnificent animal. This form of jewelry is very popular amongst men.

2) The Grace of the Horse. Horses often come to mind when one thinks of grace. When you watch a horse gallop along a beautiful green meadow, you cannot help but think of grace. Every muscle and tissue of their body is working in unison to propel the animal across the field. They are beautifully streamlined, and the heart’s desire of many a young boy and girl. When you add some diamonds into the mix you have a very special blend. A diamond, also known for it’s class and elegance, is a gem that marries perfectly with equestrian design.

3) Nobility – What a noble creature the horse is. During the Middle Ages, knights decked out in full battle armor rode horses with the symbol of the horse incorporated into their shields. And how did the peasants get around? They walked along side their knights no horse, no armor, and no shield let alone one with a horse design. Let’s fast forward to our world today. People of high-ranking are often honored with horse jewelry, particularly gold brooches and medallions. Rings with the design of a horse’s head are often awarded to others as a sign of “higher social class” or “nobility”.

Do you know the main reason that people wear horse jewelry? It’s that they love this magnificent animal and want to show this love off to the world. Whether they are going to work, or to school, or shopping, or to play, they can tell the world “I love this animal”.

In future articles we will be detailing some of the finer examples of horse jewelry, and we hope you will join us. If you find that you “just can’t wait” for these items, please visit us on our blog.

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