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The 5 Secrets About Why Every Gym Rips You Off.

Gyms are massively overrated. Maybe you are going to one now, or you had a great experience with one before, but let me tell you that there are plenty of reasons to give up the gym and find another way to work out.

And hey, if you’re in love with the gym as-is, then you’ve got nothing to worry about. But if you’re thinking of a change, peruse these 5 reasons and make a new choice.

#5: Gym Prices Tend to Be Rather Obscene.

If you’re a student and you get a cheaper student gym with your university card, consider yourself very lucky. I had one, once, and it cost me next to nothing for an awesome, bright, airy gym that I loved. Once I moved to a big city, though? Forget it – hundreds a month, and not even close to as nice.

#4: The Kind of People Who Seriously Frequent Gyms? Nuts.

You start to see the same people over and over at the gym, and they get into specific routines. These routines can become more and more absurd, because these people know they’re being watched in close quarters. That is why you have to deal with the spectacle of Mr. thickest-neck-ever coming in and grunting his way through 30 unnecessarily heavy repetitions in front of you. Nowhere else in the world do you have to put up with stuff like that.

#3: Do You Enjoy Covering Yourself in Other People’s Sweat?

While it should be standard practice to wipe down every single machine you use with a towel (and possibly a nice spray) before letting anyone else onto it, the fact of the matter is that not all the people at the gym are so warm and sunny. More times than I care to count I’ve seen people get off a machine and just leave it there, dripping, waiting for someone else to show up and clean the disgusting sweat off.

#2: No One Likes Repetition, Over and Over and Over and Over…

No matter how may audio books you go through, magazines you bring, albums you listen to, or variations in exercise you try and do, you’ll eventually be repeating yourself in a gym, where – face it – you’re confined into a little room for hours, doing the same repetitive movements over and over until you can feel a difference. Life is too short.

#1: Welcome to a World Without Limits.

So you made it – you finally pulled yourself free from the glorified indentured servitude also known as ‘working out in a gym’. Once the initial high of extreme happiness wears off, you’ll be faced with an unfamiliar emotion – freedom. Run anywhere you want. Do whatever exercises you feel like, in your own house, out in a park, or in the damn street, if you want. But don’t go back to paying $100+ every few weeks for the privilege of sweating very close to a bunch of other people. It’s just not worth it.

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