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Teeth Whitening

Every one of us are born with sparkling white teeth, but eventually the yellow matter that makes up the insides of our teeth, dentin, begins to show. Most people do not want this lacklustre, dull appearance to their teeth, and so many of them turn to teeth whitening as a solution. When we chew, dentin is unaffected but there are somemillions of micro-cracks that are formed in the damaged enamel. What whitening treatments do is clean up these gaps of any stains and residue that have collected in them. The clear cracks are usually quickly remineralised by saliva, while others can be filled up to stop any more residues collecting in them. There are three types of teeth whitening methods offered to us nowadays. The first is in-office whitening, which can cost up to $650 each visit.

The benefit of this expensive treatment is that it can extensively whiten your teeth in a little amount of time. This process make use of a high concentration gel of peroxide that is applied to your teeth. If you have stubborn stains, you may have to have more than one session.

Take-home teeth whitening treatments might also be prescribed by dentists and can cost between $100 and $400. The strength of peroxide on these gels is lower, which means that they can safely be left on your teeth for longer periods of time, such as overnight, using a specially made bleaching tray.

Finally, the most inexpensive teeth whitening alternative is over-the-counter treatments, which can be anywhere between $40 and $100. These treatments have an even lower concentration of peroxide than the other two methods. You get a one-size-fits-all gel tray that you leave on your teeth overnight. Dentistry has become much more than just a way to keep teeth healthy; it is now practically a cosmetic industry.

There are many options for whiter teeth you can take no matter what your budget and time frame.

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