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Teeth Whitening Tactics

Teeth Whitening Procedures: What About White Strips?

We have all noticed them – the ubiquitous strips infused with teeth whitening material you are able to buy from just about every over the counter drug store. They’re not necessarily cheap – but these systems have become one of one of the most enduring and common purchases in the $300M yearly teeth teeth whitening business these days.

Are tooth whitening strips efficacious?

These items are simply strips of plastic material which will stick to the tooth for many hrs. At their mildest, these whitening strips provide only 2-4% carbamide peroxide concentration. At their professional power teeth whitening strips supply 7-14% whiten formulation, and the greater concentrations are often accompanied by a significantly greater cost.

In contrast, a professional level teeth whitening kit from the cosmetic dentist or from a spa service such as Shine Teeth Whitening Services Tooth Teeth whitening ( provides a custom fit tray together with 22 % carbamide peroxide whitening gel. A dentist’s kit might price $300-400; in contrast, an equivalent kit from the expert service such as Shine Teeth Whitening may cost no much more than several boxes of strips.

Probably the most visible difference between teeth whitening strips and tailor-made tooth teeth whitening kits is that it requires much more time to realize for an over-the-counter whitening strip to produce the same outcome to a professional power whitening solution utilized together with a set of custom fit teeth whitening trays.

The main benefit towards the strips, quite honestly, is that because you do not require to take an impression, you can buy the strips, get them home and use them right away. The main problems customers have regarding teeth whitening strips is that they slide, can sometimes feel gritty, and they are frequently too short to successfully whitening all of the top teeth that show whenever the customer laughs. These are definite drawbacks!

Irrespective of the disadvantages, teeth whitening strips continue to be a premier seller among over the counter whitening solutions. However, for clients who are ready to attain a serious level of whitening, they’re far from probably the most effective at-home treatments available today.

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