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Shine teeth whitening teeth whitening program is something completely new. It’s a professional teeth lightening program for Medical professionals, medical spas and Treatment centers which allow any medical professional to provide professional whitening, the number 1 most wanted and sought after cosmetic remedy, direct from their practice or laser center withouth any kind of apparatus or long term commitments. Simply purchase ‘teeth whitening kit’s’ and everything’s bundled that will allow you to add the #1 beauty treatment to your services.

And here is just how it functions:

1. You purchase ‘Teeth Whitening Packages from Shine.

2. Your customer makes an ‘impression’ of their own teeth that you simply address back to Shine teeth whitening.

3. Shine’s dentist-trained staff creates custom made teeth whitening trays and ships them back to you in forty eight hrs.

That’s it. All of the shipping charges, packages, handling and so on is actually included in the price. Of course you’re purchasing wholesale and your reselling list. You also have got the opportunity to be able to white label your own teeth whitening pens or even utilize them as marketing items, giveaways, or merely sell them retail.

The wisest next action? Order a couple of sample kits and use them on your own. Find out how marvelous the service, product, and effects are… It’s rare you could provide a item you could essentially assure a end result from but this may be it. After all, the proposed list price for a Shine custom made teeth whitening trays, gel, and so on is actually between $250-$350.

Here is some more regarding Shine from their website article:

Zero whitening technology involved

The specialized trays ensure the actual carbamide peroxide gel will stay securely confined in the whitening tray, away from your gums, to forestall sensitivity.

Shine Teeth Whitening can provide dental impression putty and trays in pre-measured kits with effortless directions to assist your customers get just the right impression. Post the impression to Shine teeth whitening services in the pre-addressed mailer and we’ll return your client’s completed kit to your business for pick-up within 5-10 days.

Shine’s easily transportable teeth whitening pens are one of our most in-demand products. At $5 (US) and up wholesale, these enjoyable and effortless metal tubes are simple to private-label for your own practice. They produce pro power tooth whitening gel via the brush tip of a narrow wind up cylinder little enough to fit in a handbag or even a pocket. These convenient tubes sell for $25 or more on common online stores like Amazon and Sephora and are perfect for travel, for touch ups, and so are especially favored by adults and for youngsters.

Shine Teeth Whitening Services is a Select Partner of Medical Spa MD, a cosmetic medical community of plastic surgeons, cosmetic dermatologists, and aesthetic physicians with more than 3,500 physician members discussing skin laser reviews, treatment info and more.