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Tattoo Removal and Your Options

Tattoos once were considered a permanent decision, something that would stick with you for the rest of your life. For the large majority of those with ink, this will be the case. But for anyone wishing to get rid of a tattoo, there are a variety of removal options available now to consider. Let’s take a look at the most common removal options out there.

1. Tattoo Removal Creams.

Tattoo removal creams are sold as an over the counter solution to removing or fading a tattoo. They are self-administered and do not require any kind of prescription or assistance from a medical professional. Older tattoos are more easily faded with this type of product. No pain or risk of scarring is reported with this method.

2. Rejuvi Cream.

Similar in name only to the “creams” out there, rejuvi cream is an advanced technique for getting the tattoo off your flesh. Patients are treated by a trained medical professional who will use a device to push rejuvi cream into the tattoo of the patient. It then bonds with the ink. The body will see the bonded ink and rejuvi cream as a foreign entity and push it out of the body in the form of a scab. Over repeated treatments, this leaves the skin entirely tattoo free.

3. Laser Tattoo Removal.

One of the best solutions around, laser tattoo is available is most cities as an effective treatment for tattoo removing. This will require several treatments spaced out at appropriately intervals. There is little risk of scarring from this method but be warned, there is pain involved with each treatment. Those who were able to withstand the pain of the tattoo originally should be able to take the pain just fine.

One final note is the use of cover up tattoos. If you have a tattoo you no longer want, consider that instead of paying for its removal, you can pay to have it covered up with a better tattoo. The techniques for covering up is likely better than you imagine these days, so talk to an artist to get their thoughts before making a decision either way.

If you’re seeking information on rejuvi tattoo removal, check out the Tattoo Removal Cream Guide, a free resource dedicated to sharing unbiased information on tattoo removal creams and lotions.