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Taking Care Of Your Knife

Being a responsible knife owner means knowing how to maintain your Bowie knife. However, with the vast wealth of information out there on the Internet about the topic, it can be quite easy to be misled by conflicting information. What is the right maintenance regimen for your knife? How do you ensure that your blade remains in good condition through years of hard use? Here are some valuable tips to keep your blade looking its best.

Keep It Dry: It is inevitable that your Bowie knife will eventually come into contact with water. In fact, you might clean it with warm water if the blade becomes dirty. However, it is essential that your knife stays out of prolonged contact with water. You might think that because your blade is made of stainless steel, that it will not rust. This is misleading – stainless steel will rust, it just resists corrosion better than other metals. Therefore, make sure that your knife stays as dry as possible.

Sharpen Your Knife Properly: While sharpening Bowie knives might seem difficult to learn, it is essential to maintaining your knife. You will find that a good sharpening system goes a long way toward helping you cut down on the frustration of sharpening. In addition, if you opt for a rod system, then you will not have to worry about most of the common knife sharpening mistakes out there. These include failing to create a new edge, failing to maintain a straight edge and more.

Proper Storage: Another vital element of maintaining your Bowie knife is proper storage. If you will be using your knife every day, and caring for it properly, then you can store it in its leather sheath without any ill effects. However, if you will be using your knife only periodically, then storing it in an airtight container is the best option. Leather absorbs moisture and this can lead to rust starting on the blade, so take care when storing your knife.

These are just a few of the steps involved with properly caring for your Bowie knife. Following these tips will help ensure that your knife lasts as long as possible and looks great throughout its lifetime. However, failing to maintain your knife will result in a poor experience.

Blake is a business consultant for an online bowie knives store featuring bowie knives for sale.