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Taking Care Of Mechanical Watches

Time is an important factor in our life. The watch has also become an item that we can no longer survive without. The type of watch we choose has a big influence on how others see us but furthermore, it has a big influence on how we see ourselves. The statement we choose to make depends only on us.

If you want to wear a watch at least a couple of years, then you have to take really good care of it. If you own a mechanical watch, here are some steps that you should follow.

A mechanical watch should be taken to a professional every 3 to 4 years. During the full service, the watch will be taken to pieces and will be properly cleaned. If the watch is water resistant then the specialist will also test this function. One can also have the sapphire crystal removed if there is need to.

Wind your watch carefully. First you have to remove the watch from your wrist and then wind it. If you don’t do this you risk damaging the interior mechanism. Try to wind it with patience until you feel a resistance. Don’t force anything because you will only manage to break something.

If you are not wearing your watch, then try to store it in a place away from dust and heat. The best choice would be a box. Don’t rest your watch on the crown because it will only damage it.

The watch is a serious timepiece and if you have invested money into buying the item that you love then you should take really good care of it. A good watch can last up to 10 years or more but if you take special care of it maybe you can pass it on to your children.

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