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Taking A Look At The Well Built Maurice Lacroix Ladies Watches

Since it introduction in 1975, the Maurice Lacroix watch have become a timepiece that has interested collectors and watch enthusiasts alike. The brand is not really named after an actual person, but is part of the Masterpiece collection of one Switzerland’s oldest companies.

After a few years of sells in other markets, the brand came home to Switzerland in 1983 for the first time. It was quickly becoming a timepiece that watch enthusiasts coveted, but world-wide sells did not allow the brand to become its own entity until it expanded to the United states in the 1990’s. This expansion allowed the company to move to a more affluent market and even expand to concentrate on the watch industry.

Even though one of the oldest companies in Switzerland had been in other jewel industries, the company did not become prominent until the Masterpiece collection added this brand. This would put the company in the category of several other elegant men’s sports watch makers and increase its notoriety. Finally the company chose to separate this brand from its other interests and today the subsidiary sells more than 150,000 watches a year.

What makes this collection so unique is that it provides both quartz and mechanical watches to its customers. With over a hundred different models, the company has been able to provide quality to the very rich and the everyday person. These models have a price range that will meet the needs of almost every person looking for a quality watch.

The collection is best known for its Flyback model which is highlighted with a larger date and chronograph, which is seen in a lot of its models. Another popular model for the traveler is the Reveil Globe which provides the owner with access to three different time zones. The Masterpiece Skeleton is one of the more elegant and unique timepieces provided by Lacroix with its visible working parts seen through the face of the watch.

The variety of models has made this brand a watch that is available to the rich or to the more economical buyer who is looking for a timepiece that can be worn in many different social environments. This variety has become a hallmark of the company and helped increase its world-wide appeal.

No one will find the variety that this brand offers at the prices available and no one should have to sacrifice quality when deciding on an elegant watch to wear. This is what has made this brand a household name in the limited time it has been on the market.

In this economy, watches that last as long as the Maurice Lacroix mens watch are becoming extinct. Having a mens wrist watch that is handed down to a child or loved one is something that has been cherished by many families around the world.