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Style Tips for Plus Size Women

Having a tough time deciding on which accessories to wear? Here are some suggestions on how to wear jewelry, belts and shoes that could make you look slimmer.

Necklaces: Wear a medium length necklace with medium sized beads or gemstones. A short necklace tends to give more attention to the neck, which is probably something you want to avoid. On the other hand, if the necklace is too long, it accentuates a large bust line. So stick with a medium length necklace with medium sized beads or gemstones. Avoid wearing circular pendants. Circular shapes accentuate the shape of a round body, so square or rectangular shapes work better.

Picking Earrings: Just as heels make your legs look longer, long earrings make you face look longer, thus thinner. As a general rule, don’t wear too many pieces of jewelry when wearing long statement making earrings. You should keep the attention on one piece of jewelry. When wearing dangly earrings, keep the necklace and bracelet simple. When you wear more than one piece of big bold jewelry, it starts to look overdressed and busy.

Belts: To make your waist look slimmer, cinch your waist with a belt. Wearing a belt will define your waist line and give it some shape. Experts say that when wearing low waist pants, you should wear a narrow belt and with higher waist pants, wear a medium-width belt. Another suggestion is to wear belts with large buckles. Large buckles make your waist look smaller. As mentioned above with necklaces, avoid circular buckles. Square buckles are likely to suit you better. You can wear belts in any material – either leather belts or fabric belts.

Shoes: To give your legs a longer, slender look – wear heels. As with wearing long earrings, heels instantly make your legs look slim. Wear thin heels rather than chunky heels. Chunky heels makes you look shorter so it defeats the purpose. Another tip is to wear dark colored shoes. This typically works well with shorter dresses since it shows your legs. When wearing pants, shorter or chunkier heels would work as well.

But remember, whatever you wear should make you feel good. Dressing up is all about expressing yourself. Wearing what makes you feel good gives you confidence. No fashion advice or trend should suggest otherwise.

Ash Moosa is founder of Outfit Additions, a womens fashion accessories store. View the collection of fabric belts, fabric wallets and multi gemstone necklaces.