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Some Tips On How To Prevent Wrinkles Around Eyes

It is found that wrinkles around eyes, which is also known as row’s feet appear as one gets old. People have different attitudes towards this. Some are really happy with the smiley look that their face gets due to these wrinkles, while others get irritated and become ready to do anything to get them filled, covered or eliminated. This kind of people should primarily find the reason behind these wrinkles and do whatever thy can to avoid the formation of extra or deeper ones.

It has been noticed that the main cause of eye wrinkles is smiling, laughing and squinting. Further complications occur due to sun damage and general aging and drying of the skin. Now let us think about ways of solving the problem.

Normal creams which are good for the rest of the face would not be so for the skin around the eye, since the skin around the eye is extremely soft. Hence you have to go for a good eye cream that contains a high SPF sun protection. Apart from this you should become selective in using other skin care products. The cleanser and toner may cause skin to dry around causing wrinkles around eyes.

Smiling or laughing cannot be avoided. But at least you should be aware of the movements your face makes while doing so. With conscious efforts you can reduce the crinkling effect it has on your eyes. Apart from this the ultra violet rays of the sun can be blocked by wearing sunglasses, especially while driving. Thus you can avoid squinting to a large extent.

Treating eye wrinkles depends on your financial position and time you are willing to spend. Long term, relatively inexpensive treatment is available for those who are looking for it. If you think on those lines it is better to get a good quality wrinkle cream that contains Retin-A. This will help in reducing and improving the lines to a great extent.

Costly treatments are also available these days to eliminate eye wrinkles. Interested persons can go for a series of laser treatments which stimulate production of collagen. This treatment will give the skin a supple, soft look. Administering Botox injection is another short term cure which helps in inhibiting the movement of muscles. The disadvantage here is that the effect will last only for a short duration of time, may be four to five months. After that period you have to take another injection.

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