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Some Benefits of Tanning

There are many benefits to tanning naturally and using a tanning lotion solely for the purpose of complementing and evening out the coloration. Wanting to look good is the main reason people tan. But what some people forget are the health benefits of tanning naturally.

Most people tan for the aesthetic aspect and do it because society told them that darker skin is more attractive. This is the wrong reason to expose your skin to deadly UV rays and is the reason why so many people over do it.

However, there are functional reasons for having a natural tan. One of the most important health reasons is the natural protection melanin provides against ultraviolet rays. The skin produces melanin when exposed to this dangerous form of radiation to protect itself. The melanin is the resulting coloration.

Although some health professionals claim that it is better to take supplements, vitamin D3 is produced by the body naturally when it is exposed to the sun. Just don’t take that to justify tanning on the beach for hours when the sun is at its strongest. It only takes a little exposure to get the full dosage of this particular D vitamin.

One of the reasons why tanning is so addictive to some people is because it serves more than just affecting the skin. Many people find tanning a very calming and relaxing activity. Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing on a nice, warm and sunny day?

The most important thing is that anyone who plans on spending time in the sun be properly prepared to provide their skin with adequate protection. Sun tan lotion, sun block, or sunscreen is a must. Most people need to learn to use it properly to get the maximum benefit.

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