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Soft and Cuddley Clothing Accessories

If you love alpaca clothing, you know you simply can’t have only a sweater, a vest, or a coat-you’ve got to accessorize! One of the greatest things about alpaca is that it’s fairly cheap, especially if you aren’t looking at only high-end brand names. It’s also great if you have allergies to wool or other materials since it is hypoallergenic. Alpaca’s other benefits include it being very lightweight yet still incredibly warm, so it’s perfect for anyone living in a cold climate.

Accessorizing your winter jacket or coat is very easy to do. First, you may want to pick out a pair of soft alpaca gloves. These will keep your hands very warm, but don’t go playing in the snow with them. Alpaca, unlike wool, is not water resistant, so your hands will get wet if you toss snowballs around for any length of time. Alpaca hats, likewise, won’t keep your head dry if you get stuck in a sudden storm without an umbrella. They will, though, keep your head very warm. Since we lose a large amount of our body heat through our head, an alpaca hat is a very good choice for anyone wanting to stay nice and toasty.

There are a couple of other accessories for anyone heading out into the cold. If you are going to a fancy event and don’t want to wear a coat over your long dress, you may want to go with an alpaca cape or wrap instead. These elegant wraps look great with any evening gown, yet they still provide the same warmth as a coat. They’re also light weight. An alpaca shawl is another good way of dressing up your evening wear. Again, the light weight of the shawl means you can actually wear it all evening if need be without it getting heavy.

Finally, no winter outfit would be complete without an alpaca scarf. These scarves come in a variety of colors and lengths, so you’re sure to find one that matches both your style and your winter coat. Now that your head and neck are nice and warm, it’s time to take care of your feet. A pair of alpaca socks guarantees your toes don’t get cold, and once you get home, you can slide your feet into a pair of warm, fuzzy alpaca slippers.

There are a few other alpaca accessories out there. There are several different styles of alpaca blankets and throws that make a perfect blanket to cuddle under. Some are long enough for a tall adult to use, while other alpaca blankets are made with children and babies in mind. If you have a child, you may want to get them a stuffed animal made out of alpaca. These cuddly creatures are sure to keep your kids entertained, and they’re easy to wash if something happens to them.

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