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Smaller Houses Setting Real Estate Trends All Over The U.S.!

The recent trend toward little homes is a result of the economic recession, but has many benefits to both homeowners and our nation. The American Institute of Architects has reported a 59% change in the number of home builders in the U.S. featuring little houses and those trends are only reflecting the market tendency of buyers preferring little homes.

As the recession started to wreak havoc on the real estate market back in 2007 the size of houses being built started to decrease along with every one’s’ 401ks. The average size of new home construction plummeted over 9% as home buyers and builders lined up their home needs with their pockets books.

Expenses are often being reduced on these smaller houses by using part from other houses or outbuildings again in their construction. Old barns and homes that are being torn down have supplied many materials that can be used again for the builders who are constructing smaller scale homes.

The comparatively low price of 40-90 thousand dollars for a smaller home illustrates their true value, especially when viewed in the light of homeowners still receiving luxuries like modern homes.

The small homes one California builder makes can be put on a foundation or on wheels. He sells plans for a little under $999 and builds mobile, small residences for around thirty thousands dollars. He says that building a small home is similar to having a suit tailored to fit. Since it is a custom home, every plan has specific inclusions that are important to the home owners. Given the limited amount of space, many of the small residences have built-in space saving features and can store as much as larger houses.

Even big companies like Lowe’s home improvement stores sell a model of a kit home that is designed for owner construction to save you money.

smaller homes induce an interesting psychological dynamic on the homeowners in which they simply do not tend to want more stuff as their small home already seem full. Most homeowners are deciding to buy the more humble residences over the preferred “McMansions” of the latent past few years.

Many people prefer the modern features of larger residences, but you do not have to go without when you buy a little home. Appliances and features likes double door refrigerators and claw foot tubs are all the rage in the mini-residences being built. With economy in mind and luxury featured, these home are drawing a higher degree of green buyers too.

Since the little houses have a lower energy bill and a reduced mortgage payment, it is not hard to tell you why the trends are what they are. homes that have conventional ceiling heights of about 8 feet have a record of reduced energy costs. With fewer square feet in the floor-plan, smaller houses require less energy to either heat or cool them off so you can save on your energy costs in a big way with them.

Finally, have a smaller home built will not only keep your cost of living down, but it can also increase the recreational value of your home. With more room on your lot due to the fact that you home now takes up less space on your lot, you can use your lot to put up solar panels, solar water heaters or grow your own veggies. Maybe you can put that shop in the back you have always dreamed of!

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