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Slave Earrings – A Closer Look At This Earring Duo

Consisting of a stud at the ear lobe and a chain which extends to the top of the ear via a cuff or second piercing, Slave earrings are also referred to as multiple-piercing earrings. These earrings are even more eye catching than knot earrings. Designed to carry the look to the other ear while not distracting from it, the second earring in the pair will most always include a plain stub.

The term “slave earring” was coined because of the way the two parts of the arrangement are chained together. When you look at these earrings you find that the ear lobe and upper cartilage are chained together in a much the same way that you may see in a slave bracelet or anklet arrangement.

Slave piercings were quite popular during the punk movement and have regained popularity after being seen in Star Trek which earned them the new moniker “Bajoran Earrings.” These sorts of jewelry arrangements are often worn by traditional Indian brides though they would feature a lot more embellishment than those we see in western fashion jewelry. While there are a few different treatments of the slave earring arrangement. In some a chain is also extended to a nose ring while others don’t really include an upper piercing, simply hanging a jewelry piece in the crease between the ear and the side of the wearer’s head rather than being attached firmly to the upper ear.

While a great deal of modern slave earrings retain their punk roots using chains and studs inset with stones but they have also reached out for a more refined appearance. If they are done properly, anyone can wear a slave earring. If you choose the proper earring for your desired look you can appear as feminine as you wish wearing a slave jewelry piece. TO achieve a more feminine look pick pieces with smaller pieces, more delicate chains and choose finer metals and precious gems.

When putting on slave earrings, the plainer earring should go in first. Avoid letting new tangles develop as you attach the stud of the slave earrings in your ear lobe. Take the second stud or cuff, and move it up in the direction of the top of your ear cartilage, carefully. Pin the stud, or attach the cuff. You may need to pinch the cuff gingerly, or tighten the earring stud, in order to ensure that it is securely fashioned.

You should choose the earring to be the basis for your outfit to create an edgy but feminine appearance. In order to not over crowd the slave earring grouping, do not add any jewelry above the bangles or rings which you might add to increase your jewelry .

You can wear this jewelry with attractive girlie dresses or you can make it an accessory to jeans and a t-shirt. Avoid motorcycle biker bars after you have created this edgy look of putting a bit of hard rock in our styles. Your everyday style can justify some changes to spice things up, but generally, slave earrings can be another alternative to your other fashions.

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