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Skirtinis Add Just A Little Bit Of Class

People have become uninterested with the same old bland one piece, two pieces, and basic style swimsuits. For this reason, the major swimwear manufacturers have came out with a new style that is a major hit, the skirtini, or otherwise known as a skirted tankini.

The growing demand of swimwear has forced the leading swimsuit industry owners to make something new and moderate. After researching the demand and needs of women, the skirtini was invented. Ladies, if you are looking for a swimsuit that is newer and trendier, then the skirtini is perfect for you.

The skirtini is booming in the swimsuit market. The skirtini, or the skirted tankini, is simply a tankini with a skirt. The combination of the sexy daring tops with a mini skirt allows women to feel sexier than ever in their swimwear. It allows a woman to cover up her flaws, but reveal her beauty at the same time.

Just like any other type of bathing wear, there are specific features to look for when buying a Skirtini.

Let’s face it, no one is perfect. You should always choose a swimwear that covers your weaknesses (stretch marks, wide thighs, small breasts). The best skirtini is one of the best bathing suits in regards to allowing you to hide your flaws and focus the attention on your strengths. Do you think that you have long lanky legs? Or your chest area is little over or under developed? Or do you just have stretch marks on your stomach? All of these problems can be hidden by the perfect skirtini.

To begin with, let’s assume that you are a little smaller in the top area than you would like. Then look for a skirtini that you can mix and match. You will want a top that is brighter colored, has some lift or even pushup, and does not have an extremely low cut.

If you are concerned about your hips being too wide, go with a darker bottom and not something that has any flare to it. You will want to avoid overly tight fits as well. If you have the opposite problem, and you need to add an illusion of fuller thighs, then a flared skirtini is your answer.

If you think your hips are too wide than you should avoid the bright colors, and definitely choose a dark color bottom because they have a slimly affect. If you have wide hips, avoid flared skirts and be sure the skirt is not too tight on you. The options and features available with the skirtini and skirted tankini are limitless.

If you have great cleavage then show it off tastefully by buying a skirted tankini that has a low cut or crisscross top. A strapless style tankini would even work perfectly for your bust area. If you are concerned about not having a bust, choose a tankini with a padded feature and avoid ones with a low top.

If you shop carefully, you can purchase a few two-piece skirtinis and mix and match them yourself. If you want to feel well dressed and fit for the occasion, then mix and matching is the perfect option. No matter whether it’s at the seaside or a pool party, you will have the perfect two piece skirtinis to mix and match.

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