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Skin Tag Removal At Home Can Be Simple

A skin tag is a small growth that looks like a piece of hanging skin. Skin tags can appear almost anywhere on the body but the most common places are the neck, armpits, chest and even the eyelids. These small growths are not dangerous. Most people will opt to have them removed if they are in an area that is rubbing against clothing or in an area that is especially unsightly. If you have skin tags you need to learn a little more about skin tag removal.

Nearly half of the population will develop skin tags as they grow older. Skin tags commonly appear in middle age up until the age of sixty. Since skin tags develop where skin is rubbing against skin many overweight people will develop these small growths.

Skin tag removal is a fairly simple process. One easy way of removing a skin tag is to tie a piece of string tight around the base of the skin tag. This will interrupt the blood flow to the skin tag and cause it to dry up and fall off on its own after a few days. Small skin tags may be removed with scissors, but you do run the risk for bleeding. These small growths are fed by a good blood supply. Pressure should be applied to the area after skin tag removal.

You can always visit your doctor or dermatologist to have your skin tags removed. This can be done in the office by freezing them off with liquid nitrogen or burning them off with a cauterization tool. With these methods of skin tag removal, you run the risk of skin discoloration or the skin tag not coming off.

Maybe you dont have the funds to pay for an office visit, and you dont want to cut off your skin tags at home. The good news is you have another option for skin tag removal. There are some great homeopathic skin tag removal creams on the market these days. These creams work by drying up the skin tag after a few days so that it simply flakes off.

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