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Skin Care Tips To Prevent Wrinkles

If you would like clear, elastic, beautiful skin well into old age, then you should start taking care of yourself and your skin once you attain puberty. Young people will probably be worried about pimples or even acne, but treating these conditions is also taking care of yourself and your skin. Your skin is your body’s biggest organ and often mirrors what is going on inside your body. Therefore, having healthy skin is really a reflexion of the fact that you have taken a holistic attitude to taking care of yourself.

Taking a holistic attitude to your health is the key to staying healthy and looking young. If you do not take care of your internal organs, it will eventually show up on your outer surface. Creams and lotions can help, but the most important things you can do, have nothing to do with a pharmacy or drug store.

These are my top tips for slowing down the unavoidable aging process that has to show up on your skin.

Wash your face, but be cautious of the water you use. Most of us use tap water, but is the tap water in your area heavily chlorinated? Chlorine is acknowledged to be harsh on skin and can lead to your skin drying out, which will lead to early wrinkles. This obviously applies to swimming in public bathes too. If you have the money, fit a water purifier, otherwise moisturize well after coming into contact with chlorinated water.

When washing, be wary of the soap you use. Do not use anything harsh or strongly scented. It is better not to use any soap than bad soap. Find one that contains a moisturizer, there are many. It is better to pay a little bit extra for a good, mild soap.

Use a water-based moisturizer, because oil can clog your pores resulting in pimples or worse. After washing, pat your face dry with a lovely, soft towel and then put on moisturizer.

The sun’s UV rays are well-known to harm skin, especially these days, so put on a sun block of say, factor 15, every time your go out. Stay out of harsh wind too or cover up well and moisturize when you get back.

The manner in which you sleep can affect the way your skin hangs. Think about it. Gravity will have its own way, especially when you are asleep and your skin muscles are relaxed. Sleeping on your back is preferable, although this may result in problems for the overweight, such as snoring or apnea.

Smoking is bad for your insides and it is bad for your skin too, so either kick the habit or never start, even if you have heard that it is the easiest way to keep your weight down. Exercise will do that too and keep your skin pliable by stretching it this way and that.

In conclusion, diet. Drink plenty of natural moisturizer in the form of water and take in lots of anti-oxidants and fibre in the form of fruit and vegetables and you will be well on the way to a healthy skin and body.

Owen Jones, the author of this piece, writes on many subjects, but is now involved with Obagi skin products. If you are interested in Natural Face Products, please go to our web site now.

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