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Six Reasons Why You Are Affected By Bruising Easily, Reason 4 – Your Diet Has Deficiencies!

We have already discussed certain items that may be part of your existing diet that can lead to bruising easily, but now we need to consider what items you might not be part of your diet that can also contribute to your easy bruising. While you are trying to determine why your body now seems to bruise so readily, it is time to examine what vitamin and mineral deficiencies might be affecting you. Deficiencies in your diet can greatly affect how your body deals with injury, and bruising easily could be one of the results of having a lack of essential nutrients in your regular diet.

To bring your diet into better balance and to plan how you are going to avoid basic deficiencies, you should first learn about bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are generally just plant pigments that are all water soluble. At least 4000 varieties have been identified, and they naturally occur in a lot of the foods that you already eat, but it is very important that you understand how they are both beneficial and necessary.

Bioflavonoids act as an antihistamine, and that makes them important for reducing swelling. They have wonderful anti-viral properties, which means that they are going to help improve your overall health. They provide great benefits for your circulatory system, and as such they can help you heal much more rapidly. Probably the best sources of bioflavonoids available comes from a group of plants generally classified as bilberry, while another more commonly known source is from all varieties of citrus fruits.

You cannot afford to overlook the fact that sufficient quantities of vitamin C might be missing from your diet. Vitamin C is used by the body for a variety of different functions, and there is even some evidence that vitamin C can greatly boost your immune system. It can help your body reduce swelling, and it can facilitate the quick healing that will help cause any existing bruises fade quickly and more effectively. Vitamin C is also an important agent in your body’s ability to produce collagen, which reduces wrinkling and helps keep the skin elastic.

Just go to your local grocery store when you want to add more vitamin C in your diet. You can choose any citrus fruit to add more vitamin C into your diet, so look for the oranges, limes and grapefruits that you can generally find there. When you eat them raw, you will find that the vitamin C is absorbed directly into your system.

Another vitamin that you need to be certain is available in proper amounts in your diet is vitamin K, and you will learn that it is essential for keeping your circulatory system in top physical condition. Vitamin K helps heal existing bruises much more readily, and by adding the proper amount of vitamin K to your diet, you can help stop bruising from occurring at all.

Sulfur is another important dietary component in your fight against easy bruising. Sulfur allows your body to process and metabolize carbohydrates, and additionally it helps your body to repair itself. A bruise is a blood vessel that has broken under the skin, so you’ll find that quick repair is sometimes beneficial. Sulfur can be best obtained from a group of plants containing pineapple called bromelains and from a sulfur compound called MSM.

It should now be obvious that the various components that are excluded or included in your regular diet have a considerable affect on your ability to combat bruising easily. You would not go wrong to consider adding an all natural, daily supplement program like Bruises Be Banned to your diet to insure yourself that you consistently get the proper amounts of the minerals, nutrients, and vitamins that are essential for your body to be able to reduce your bruising easily or prevent bruising altogether.

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