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What Every Shoe Enthusiast Should Know about Andrea & Joen Shoe Fashion

Andrea & Joen shoes reflect a combination of sophistication and rock n roll attitude revealing freedom and confidence that makes the sexy Andrea & Joen a must for the contemporary woman. The style and passion of Andrea & Joen designs have attracted rock and pop stars including Gwen Stefani, Delta Good-rem, Fergie, Pink, Katy Steele from Little Birdy and local radio personalities Bianca Dye and Jackie O.  On 2006 the SUNDAY Andrea & Joen was created, using colorful and textured materials such as hand braided weaves, metallic texture and pop prints to create a more relaxed and casual style.

Andrea & Joen shoes are very much the cutting edge flavor of the girls themselves. The design combines sleek shapes, sexy silhouettes, play of bold colors and materials – essential mixes for the Andrea & Joen signature style.  A combined background in fashion and graphic design laid the foundation for Andrea & Joen to create modern shoe designs with classic shoe making techniques.

Collaborations with Australian designers have been high on the list with Jayson Brunsdon, Marnie Skillings and Bettina Liano for Australian Fashion Week. Andrea & Joen shoes have also featured on Australia Next Top Model (season II) and are worn by Australian Idol’s up and coming singers.  Following the success of their main line, Andrea & Joen designed a line that reflects the easy relaxed approach of the Australian beach. With it’s sophisticated style influenced by long sunny days and casual evenings.

These days it’s easy to find shoes that replicate international brands, but it’s so hard to find unique shoes that satisfy the shoe fetish and look well damn hot. Andrea & Joen products are always innovative and like nothing else on the market. I love the colour palette, the creative styles and the mixture of cool but still classic enough shoes you can wear to work and crazy ones that push the boundaries.  When we’re looking for something different to put in the magazine, I go to the girls first as I know they won’t disappoint me. We all want shoes that are funky and stylish that would make heads turn.

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