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Sharp Lc65D90U 65 Lcd Hdtv Tv (o-o, Price: £287)

Description As the largest available Liquid Crystal Television in the world at the time of its introduction this 65-inch model from Sharp has features that are as grand as the Tv itself. This luxuriously designed Aquos television employs Sharps proprietary picture technology to ensure authentic high-definition cinema-quality viewing. At full-spec resolution and with the true 169 aspect ratio the 65-inch Aquos delivers unrivaled picture quality through a screen size that is simply unparalleled. Vibrant colors stream from every pixel thanks to the introduction of a Four-Wavelength Backlight System. The blue green red and deep crimson red colors that pour out of this newly developed technology enable this Sharp Liquid Crystal Television to reproduce red-scale colors such as wine-dark red that were previously very challenging. This titanium colored marvel from Sharp radiates reds that are purer and more accurate than ever before. With the perfect blend of style and performance this Tv is truly a work of art from the inside out.