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Selecting a Soap for Acne-Prone Skin

A few decades ago, people thought nothing of the soap they used to clean their acne-prone skin. Of course, this condition was far less prevalent in those days. However, nothing could be more important in treating you acne than the type of soap or cleanser you are using to eliminate dirt and bacteria from your skin.

A harsh soap can actually stifle the effectiveness of your acne medications, making you pour hundreds of dollars into expensive treatments until you finally decide to visit a dermatologist. People truly underestimate just how fragile of an organ our skin is, and this is largely why so many continue to struggle with this condition. In this article, we will provide some suggestions for soap shopping to ensure that you don’t purchase a product that will worsen your acne.

Alcohol is something we have all used at one time or another to disinfect a wound or for similar purposes. Since alcohol is very effective at eliminating bacteria, it is naturally found in many soaps and cleansers. In the case of acne, alcohol can cause more problems than anything else. It removes moisture from our skin leading to irritation, which eventually leads to acne. So, the first rule to selecting a soap is to avoid those that contain alcohol. The one you are currently using may also contain alcohol, so be sure to check.

Anyone who has studied the human skin for a decent amount of time should now that it is somewhat acidic. It has a pH that falls under 7, usually one of around 5. Soaps are on the other end of the pH spectrum at the 8, 9, and 10 levels. While this may sound like a useless fact, the truth of the matter is that regular soap is troublesome in treating acne. Going back to our lesson on the human skin, we know that it’s primary function is to protect us from the outside world. Bacteria and other intruders can be big threats. In order to do this, it needs to maintain that acidic environment which was mentioned above. So, a pH balanced soap is in order. These soaps and cleansers have a neutral pH of 7 that will not cause much of a disruption. Expect to do a little more hunting for these products. It is well worth your time.

Finally, stay away from cleansers and soaps that have thousands of different bells-and-whistles. This includes foaming washes or those with exfoliating beads. You want a basic product that is extremely gentle. Anything that goes above and beyond your standard definition of a soap includes more additives, which carry the risk of aggravating your acne. So shop carefully!

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