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Scottsdale Salon Hair Stylists Help Clients Maintain Beautiful, Healthy Hair

A Scottsdale salon will help clients with everyday looks and styles as well as a special occasion hairdo, up-do, new style and makeup for weddings, proms, job interviews or any time a little something extra is needed to make a grand presentation or a good impression.

Salon owners and stylists are concerned with the health of their client’s hair and that means helping them find the right shampoo and conditioner along with other products to keep their hair strong and healthy. It is important for a hair salon client to disclose to their stylist all the medications they are taking for any aliments because certain medications damage hair, preventing it from growing, sometimes making it fall out or otherwise breaking off near the roots.

A professional hair stylist will know what type of product will work best for an individuals hair type, for example if a person has dry hair or their hair is dehydrated, then they would use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner but if a person’s hair is oily, then the hair stylist might tell the person to skip the conditioner because it could make the oil worse over time.

The standard time between hair cuts or touch-ups for colors is six weeks to maintain a natural, healthy look, although some men and women could be taking longer to get back to see their stylist because of financial concerns. According to a hair stylist, little hair gel or moose will go a long way to keep unruly hair in it’s place between trims however there is no substitute for hair color touch ups.

Many hair stylists are trained as hair colorists even thought there are many brands of hair color for a do-it-your self at the local discount store. These types of colors typically do not last as long and do not turn out the correct color.

Once a client has gone home and washed out their new style, they need to be able to duplicate it again and again in order for the style to be their own and not just a one time thing the hair stylist performed for them. Hairstyles are more accessible in that they can be replicated at home by someone who is not trained in hair care management although they have been taught once.

People want to look their best and going to a Scottsdale salon with a professional hair stylist could have them looking the best they have in many years.

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