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Scarfs that Matches Your Wardrobe

What if you are an A-list Hollywood celebrity out on a vacation or a shopping spree? The first thing in that crosses in your mind would be the fear of being noticed by people because you will have to sign autographs and chased by the paparazzi. Many Hollywood celebrities disguise themselves as someone so as not to be recognized by the prying eyes of the media.

They disguise themselves by covering their faces with large scarfs made of durable material. The use of scarfs is not new to us either. In the Biblical times it was used by people who travel through dessert and in the open sea to protect their faces from the extreme heat of the sun. Whether you are looking for warmth and style or maybe a little of both, you can find scarves of all kinds, from designer brands to handmade varieties found in your favorite local stores.

They can be worn as accessories and outerwear to complement and accentuate an outfit. Silk scarves are popular as fashion accessories used in formal occasions such as dinners and balls. Scarves come in many other fabrics with different textures such as cotton, polyester, wool, rayon, and even sheer fabrics, which are most often used as headscarves.

Scarfs for outerwear are usually available in sets with matching mittens and gloves. There are extra long scarves that can be wrapped around the neck two or three times. It is often used to protect the face from heat and cold and also to cover it. The shorter styles are often tucked into the opening of a jacket or coat to keep the neck and upper chest warm enough.

Whatever type of scarf you choose to wear what is most important is it complements your existing wardrobe. A carefully chosen scarf will definitely make you look like a celebrity.

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