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Rosacea Sufferers – Why You Should Follow A Rosacea Diet

If you are one of the millions that suffers from rosacea you need to know what can trigger the redness associated with this skin condition. Anything that produces an increase in blood flow to the face will cause your rosacea symptoms to flare up. It is natural to assume that exercise, certain medications and anger will produce redness. However, did you know that certain foods can cause rosacea? Therefore, you need to follow a rosacea diet if you want to reduce the redness from this skin condition.

There are specific triggers that can produce rosacea symptoms. These triggers are different for each individual. One person may be able to eat chocolate while another must avoid it. If you are not sure what your rosacea triggers are then you need to keep a journal. Write down everything you eat. This will allow you to pinpoint the foods that trigger rosacea.

Foods that are spicy have been known to cause rosacea symptoms. Hot or cold drinks will be a trigger for some people with rosacea. Some people find they cannot tolerate citrus fruits, tomatoes or even lobster. You will be able to determine your triggers after a while, and you can do your best to avoid them. But if you really want to reduce the frequency of your rosacea flare-ups you should follow a rosacea diet.

The secret to keeping your rosacea under control is to reduce the amount of food consumed in a sitting. It is much better to eat several small meals throughout the day than three huge meals. The reasoning behind this is small meals do not require as much energy to digest. Therefore, there is less vascular dilation flushing. Foods to include on your rosacea diet should include whole grains, seeds, nuts and fresh fruits and vegetables. You should stay away from red meats and eat lean cuts of chicken and fish.

Cherries, blueberries and blackberries are known to be vascular constrictors. These fruits should always be added to your rosacea diet because they can reduce your rosacea symptoms.

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