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Roland Jp 8000 Jp8000 keyboard synthesizer Mint Offer (leyton, Price: £400)

Legendary Va synth with supersaw wave form (trance massive pads 8 voices Fxs 35 knobs and sliders phrase sequencer (you can automated even filters or any parameter you want powerful arpegiator perfect keyboard. this is Not a feel of cheap novations or other synths. you have to touch it to understand. got much better engine that Roland Sh-201 or Gaia sound is amazing and can easily fit to any mix thats why is still so popular. got very warm sound and beautiful massive basses. Pads. cman this is roland its heaven. anyway read reviews anywhere you want this is a star (depeche mode faithless prodigy david bowie gary numan muse Paul Van Dyk. just name it) Mint Condition there is few marks of age but No Scratches No chance to find better condition Offers http sos 1997 articles feb97 rolandjp8000.html