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Ricoh Gr Digital 394 Catalog:394 (hao ai ni , Price: £178)

seconds sequential shooting function supports dynamic shooting 320 x 240 (30 per second field) 160 x 120 (30 per second lattice) Audio audio system to support anti-red eye can support Fangdou sexual self-exposure mode procedures dynamic exposure (Ae aperture priority manual exposure Exposure compensation manual correction (in each grade 1 3 Ev from 2.0 to -2.0 Ev Automatic surrounded function -0.5 Ev 0 0.5 Ev) exposure measurement Ttl Ccd photometric system Multiple (256 the central emphasis meter single-point meter automatic white balance adjustment. Fixed (Solar dark light bulbs tubes manual senior surrounded by white balance function Ricoh Gr Digital Performance shutter shutter types