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Review: Online Shopping With Ben Sherman

For me whenever I look at shopping online a number of main areas essentially want to be in place.

I truly have a dislike for unwieldy, slow to load, websites that just make the whole process too drawn out.

Let’s admit it, we shop online for efficiency and ease because of the mad pace of life we have to cope with in today’s society. So anything that slows us down is really aggravating, even more so when we might be intending to hand over hard saved funds there also.

So as I found out I was going to do a review of Ben Sherman my first ideas were “ok let’s see what you have!”

So here we go.

Ok so I surfed over to the Ben Sherman on-line website

First impression… Excellent slick site. Fast to load. Clean and tidy images

One more area I like to do as part of me reviewing a website is I want to find out what the company stand for.

Do they have a concept or is it only about diversification and “getting in” on the online business potential.

Well I’m happy to say that Ben Sherman do really care about what they have.

Refreshingly another site to include in the good guy list.

In my recent experience I find most online shopping sites and Ben Sherman are no exception, do have a really different approach to customer service than virtually all conventional retailers.

Even if this may be driven by the fact that the control is in the hands of the customer more than it was before with the online shopping model but I also think that in the new medium of the net there is a consciousness that does identify with the shoppers, and that a higher degree of servicing and attention to detail is necessary to hold the customers interest.

An on-line retailer is really only ever a click off from driving away the client.

So enough about the online shopping picture, what about the functionality of the Ben Sherman site itself.

I found the website to be extremely easy to use. Maybe not absolutely perfect but what is? Certainly a slick and uncomplicated browsing experience. Catalog, selections, ideas also way above average.

Love the shop by category. That’s a favorite and an absolute must for me.

Really great fashion mag style shots of the outfits and looks.

Full returns on all orders is very comforting to see when you are shopping online. Big Plus!

Size charts make it very easy to figure out.

When I was there they had a big sale in the dresses department, shirts, casual tops, t-shirts all on sale.

Shopping Cart procedure, very speedy, smooth and safe.

Very confident experience, as a visitor to the Ben Sherman website.

Another thing, I think that in dealing with all reputable websites nowadays, the whole matter of credit card security is a non issue.

You really can shop with peace of mind.

I’m not saying just hand over your details anytime anyone asks but with this standard of website and virtually all online shopping sites, the danger of credit card fraud is pretty much zero.

So my feeling on Ben Sherman:

Ben Sherman is a groovy on-line shop.

Shopper friendly

Terrific variety of products, styles and looks.

Simple to find your way around, choose etc.

Checkout process cool.

Overall evaluation 4.5/5

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