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Report on California Criminal Activity- Gangs

A California governmental agency composed a report detailing the activity of criminal endeavors including gangs, terrorists, and mob-related activities. This report shows some of the trends in criminal activity that were found in 2005. Using these trends, law enforcement’s goal is to predict and prevent such activities from occurring in the future:

More than ever, law enforcement agencies are using injunctive techniques to stop specific crimes. These efforts have been successful in reducing criminal activities and giving relief to some gang-plagued communities.

While violent activity between gangs has been part of their history, in 2005 there was a marked redirection of violence toward law enforcement. Tragically, this re-focusing resulted in the deaths of more than 10 California law enforcement officers.

A governmental anti-gang initiative known as Community Shield, has been active in targeting MS-13 members (which is a Sureno gang). Several MS-13 members have been arrested relating to various crimes both violent and non-violent. Some of these include: narcotics offenses, grand theft auto, and various violations relating to paroled individuals.

Authorities note that many Asian gang members suspected of serious crimes flee to other states to elude capture.

The now infamous RICO Act continues to be a major weapon for prosecuting criminal enterprise, including motorcycle gangs. Crimes involving criminal conspiracies have led to convictions of several of these gang members. Convictions for murder, narcotics, and extortion have all been obtain through use of the RICO Act

California has not suffered an attack by al-Qaeda. Authorities successfully prevented plots in 2000 and 2002 aimed at Los Angeles. It is believed that law enforcement initiatives specifically targeting this group have been largely successful in preventing their activities.

Terrorists activities are also surfacing within California’s prison system. Law enforcement has monitored and gained more awareness of these activities through investigative measures. Terrorist activities and organization within the prison system have experienced increases according to these agencies.

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