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Renting a Green Screen Studio: Short Guide

So you are an amateur film maker and you want to rent green screen studios to make your film masterpiece. There are a variety of reasons why you would want to hire a green screen studio and among those reasons is that you most likely have some clever videos you would like to incorporate in a selected scene. Regardless of your reason for using a green screen studio, you must pay attention to the place that you’re going to hire. Masses of care should be given since the studio pretty much outlines the entire backbone of your production. Way more than post-processing, the production of the film rests greatly on the studio. It is about as important as having good actors so do not take it for granted.

What must you be on the look out for hiring good green screen studios? Consider location. If your production team is based in San Diego for example, try to not go past the state purely for a green screen studio. The cost that it would probably take for you to go traveling and transport your full production crew from states that are completely at opposing end would easily overthrow your cost for the whole production. Invest in research ; there’s likely a good green screen studio near your base that you can utilize without losing an arm and a leg.

Take note of the cost of renting a green screen studio. Bear in mind that the fee for a decent green screen studio production is usually a product of the size of the studio, the quality and modernity of the equipment and the professionalism of the crew that runs the place.

Here are the kit that you need to roughly find in a green screen studio that you are going to lease : A stage, lighting grid, HVAC units and naturally, vehicle access. All other features are merely a plus but you shouldn’t forget to cover the fundamentals. It’s also naturally, true that there should be make-up rooms and a room that overlooks the whole facility. You’ll have to direct in a substantial distance and the communication between the tech room and on the floor should be open.

Special green screen residences have tall grids and 3-wall cyclorama. If you can find one within your region which has these specs, it might already be a good deal for you.

There are a lot of other websites offering a variety of forms of advice on how to use green screen but most of them are not very detailed or precise. Before following these, be sure to check my own articles and reviews on Green Screen Studio and Green Screen Studio Rentals, You can also reach me at 1-323-851-3825 or [email protected]