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Remedy For Hair Loss – Prevent Loosing Your Hair With Natural Substances

Remedy for hair loss are very popular these days since many people suffer from loss of hair. You can be eighty one or just eighteen when hair starts to fall out or you can be a man or a woman, it does not matter. Many things can affect hair such as medication you take or if your father was bald. You can do some things naturally to keep from loosing more and these things are easy to do.

A way to get your hair to grow faster and hopefully stop balding is to rinse the hair with apple cider vinegar and sage tea. Make a strong sage tea by boiling four cups of water and adding a handful of fresh sage or at least one fourth cup dried sage. Boil for two minutes then remove from heat. When the mixture is cool strain and add one cup of apple cider vinegar. Keep this mixture in the refrigerator and use about one cup to rinse your hair. This mixture will also stop graying of the hair as well.

Saw Palmetto is a popular herb used to improve hair growth. It cleans out the hair follicles and lets them thrive again. Silica is used to prevent baldness and nettles are high in this mineral. Find Saw Palmetto in the health food store. It does come unbound but if you can’t find it get it in capsules and take them apart. Combine one tablespoon saw palmetto and combine it with two teaspoons of nettle. Boil four cups of water and once the water boils add the herbs. You can wrap them in cheesecloth and tie with string or you can strain them out after they have boiled for about five minutes. Cool and rinse head daily. Saw Palmetto capsules can also be taken daily. Nettle juice can be found at any health food store and drinking 1 tablespoon in a glass of water will help. DHT is a bi product of testosterone and can cause male pattern baldness. Saw Palmetto and nettle have been proven to help rid the system of DHT. Saw Palmetto also helps with any prostrate problems.

Use rosemary oil just like the Roman’s did in order to stimulate the circulation and help oxygen intake in the follicles. Rosemary oil tends to be a little expensive so try to extend its use by combining about six drops with one tablespoon of olive oil and rub it vigorously into the scalp. Leave it on the scalp for a few hours then rinse it out and do this several times per week. The scalp will be cleansed by the rosemary oil and all clogging residue will be banished. You will feel a tingling sensation but it should never burn your head.

Use Tea Tree Oil to get rid of damaging bacteria and mites that kill off hair follicles. You can combine tea tree oil with olive oil to make it last longer and to somewhat kill the strong odor. Be sure to apply this when you don’t have anywhere to go for awhile and wash it out before you do. The strong medicinal scent is sure to be noticed.

Hormones are usually the culprit in hair loss for women. One way to stop loss is to rub about one teaspoon of coconut oil into the scalp daily. This will also condition the hair you have. It is common for some conditioners to have coconut oil in them so be sure to find them and use them on a regular basis.

It is important the the scalp have good circulation in order to keep a full head of hair. Make sure to message your scalp in the morning before styling your hair and again at night before bed. Having good circulation is one of the best preventative measures for keeping your hair.

It should be noted that not all remedies work when using to combat baldness. Sometimes heredity just won’t give up and it doesn’t matter. However, with some preventative measures prior to loosing most of your hair, you may be able to retain at least some of what you had in the past. You may even be able to grow more.

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