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Recession Proof Your Style

With the economy struggling in recent times it can be hard to afford to stay looking fashionable. To stay on trend requires not only a lot of planning and shopping but also a lot of money. If you are wise however you can get a whole new wardrobe at a fraction of the estimated cost. By opting to buy on trend accessories rather than clothing you may find you get more wear out of a certain look.

Using accessories to brighten up an outfit rather than buying new clothes can be a good way to save some money yet remain in fashion. Accessories are ideal for bringing some life back into an old outfit.

The sea and anchor theme that is present this season can be found on many different accessories. Costume jewellery with anchors on as well as handbags with anchor print are becoming very popular, the anchor seems to be a reoccurring motif in recent fashion times.

The flower theme shown on the catwalk this season is also easily replicated on accessories. It may be a good idea to invest in some costume jewellery with flowers on as jewellery with flowers on never goes out of style.

The lace trend is still extremely popular and sometimes capturing this trend through your accessories can make a big statement. Bracelets entwined with lace as well as gloves made form lace are quite popular and can be used to create a variety of looks from ladylike chic to more gothic style.

Accessories and fashion jewellery can be used to allow you to wear all of the latest catwalk trends without having to pay the prices. Owning a selection of accessories will allow you to mix and match looks creating your own individual outfits.

fashion jewellery is a good way to update your style without spending too much money. fashion rings can be used to make a statement and instantly transform your look.