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Quit Your Job And Make Bead Jewelry

Making beaded jewelry is an exciting and fun way to express your creativity, meet new people and make some extra money in your spare time! The skills needed to make hand-crafted jewelry are pretty easy to master once you have a little practice and you’ll be able to use your skill to not only make jewelry for others, but also for yourself!

When you first start making hand-crafted jewelry you may be quickly overwhelmed with the amazing number of beads available, the different materials that are used, the many different wire techniques and clasps that are all available for just about any piece of jewelry you could ever imagine. You may want to start out buying some affordable beads and supplies just so you can practice your skills without breaking the bank.

There are lots of different ways you can start learning all the skills necessary to make your own beaded jewelry. Here are a few of the best ways learn the basics of jewelry making quickly and get your jewelry making hobby off the ground:

Check out a bead store: After you’ve been making bead jewelry for a while a visit to your local bead shop will be like visiting the candy store. Initially, though, it might be a little confusing to navigate through the thousands of different bead types, stringing options and tools and materials available. Making bead is a popular enough hobby that there are almost always people at the store who can help you with basic questions.

Take a custom jewelry making class: This is probably one of the best ways to learn how to make bead jewelry. Taking a class often allows you to interact with an instructor and even meet other beginners as well. It’s sometimes fun to share your ideas and struggles with other people at your level because then you can all learn from your mistakes together. Many bead stores offer affordable classes, but also don’t forget to check out your local community college or recreational center for people giving classes on jewelry making.

Read a bead jewelry making book: Not an earth-shattering move, but there are lots of great bead jewelry books for beginners filled with photos and tutorials that can give you exactly the information you need for starting out. Most hand-crafted jewelry making books are also great for getting the creativity going because they will often show you the finished product first and then explain how to get to that point from the very beginning.

Learn from other jewelry makers online: You’d be amazed by how many other people are making hand-crafted jewelry and how much they’re willing to show you and demonstrate. A few minutes spent on a jewelry website can really open your eyes to all the money-making possibilities! Some beaded jewelry blogs and online sources aim at helping you run your beaded jewelry business, some are strictly dedicated to jewelry tutorials, and some are a little bit of both!

Making custom jewelry is a fun and exciting way to make extra income in your spare time. Once you learn the basics you can continue to make as much or as little jewelry as you like at any hour of the day or night. It sometimes only takes a few minutes to put together an earring set or a small bracelet, so you can quickly make a few hand-crafted jewelry pieces each night while you watch or just relax for the evening!

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