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Professional Teeth Whitening

The desire to have whiter teeth has existed for centuries! But in some surprising ways, the methods for obtaining that dazzling Hollywood smile have shown little change. This really is genuinely an area where the original methods, with small modifications, are truly the greatest.

Think about the advent of hydrogen and carbamide peroxide bleaching for the teeth. Evidence shows that hydrogen peroxide was utilized as early as 1884 as a method for whitening teeth. Think about it: Even within the days of powdered wigs and wooden dentures, our colonial ancestors were committed to whitening their smiles.

Even our ancestors understood thatalthough the external tooth enamel is white, but it’s also see-through, which means the color from the structures beneath it will tend to show through. The material under the enamel is dentin. The normal colour of dentin is yellow. Nevertheless, materials from the internal nerve can cause even the yellow colour from the dentin to darken to a brownish yellow as we age. The dingy look of natural teeth as the age is a result from the combination of enamel stains, which become irreversible if they go without treatment, and also the underlying dentin that darkens over time as it becomes more affected by the color of the internal nerve.

(A note- this is one of the primary causes whitening toothpastes will never be fully effective: Even if you brush all day, the whitening agents in the toothpaste are only briefly in contact with the tooth – and even if you manage to abrade away and lighten the stains on the outside of the tooth, they’ll still be affected by the color from the dentin that lies beneath. This is one from the strongest causes to consider teeth lightening bleach.)

Have you ever seen the normal coloration of a tooth with a root canal? The tooth will be dark simply because the inner substance which has perished has permeated the bordering dentin. Here’s where our ancestors identified a brilliant theory: by soaking a cotton pellet with bleach and closing it up inside the entrance hole inside a tooth with a root canal for several days, they could appreciably whiten the tooth. After a few days, they’d merely take out the pellet and close off the perforation with a filling. There you are!

A simpler Procedure

While the tooth whitening materials are similar, the actual methods of use have turned into significantly more sophisticated since the days of our ancestors in 1884. Though hydrogen peroxide continues to be an option, the more dependable and lasting carbamide peroxide has turned into the defacto standard, in concentrations ranging from Ten to approximately 30 percent (the professional strength carbamide peroxide gel you buy from your dental office will typically range from 15-22 % strength; while over the counter lightening strips and products may offer as little as 2-4 % strength!)

The secret is in the application – two decades ago, aesthetic dentists found that a solution of 10-20 % carbamide peroxide can safely be applied to the the teeth without having the fear of burning the gums and soft tissue or poisoning the patient as long as the carbamide peroxide gel was used in conjunction with customized trays to help keep the tooth whitening materials in immediate contact with the area of the tooth for as long as possible. The more lengthy the contact, the brighter the tooth (up to a particular point – teeth whitening potential is individual, at a particular point, there’s no additional teeth whitening result being obtained.)

While there is absolutely no clinical gain to bleaching (and gradually darkening teeth are, in fact, completely natural), most every dental practice these days realizes that a brighter smile contributes to a feeling of health, which could undoubtedly create an positive attitude and great mental health. So while we no longer need to turn to bleaching our teeth with cotton pellets, the reality that we have simple means of getting brighter teeth is sufficient to make anybody smile!

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