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Procedures On How To Build Bigger Arm Muscles

If you want to build up your arm muscles, you should think about the exercises that are good for that purpose. Usually most people like getting big arms for cosmetic reasons more than for practicality.

However, it is very true that most people see large arms as more attractive than little or flabby ones. The question is what kinds of exercise can you use to make your arms bigger.

For biceps, the exercise to develop these muscles is with the common dumbbell curls. If you are looking to grow your arms, you should use more weight and do low reps.

What this means is that you lift the heaviest weight you can for about three to five times before stopping. If you are lifting your weights more than ten times at a time, then you will need to increase the weight, or you won’t develop big and buff muscles.

Next, for the triceps, you can do a few things. Starting off, take the same dumbbell you used for your biceps, take it and hold it between your hands vertically.

Next, hold it above your head and slightly behind your head. Bring it down slowly beyond the bottom of the back of your head and move it back up. this is one rep. You should do this with a heavy enough weight that you can only do this a few times at once. This will help bulk up the triceps.

After this, it is time to start looking at the shoulders and forearms. Looking at the shoulders, the exercise to do is butterfly lifts. This means holding the weights down by your sides. Then lift them up and outward while keeping your arms straight at the same time.

For forearms you want to do what is called a reverse curl. Instead of holding your arm like you normally would if you were doing a curl, you will want to keep your hands pointed down. While still holding the weight, pull up and this is what a reverse curl is.

By applying these simple steps, you can easily grow bigger arm muscles.

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