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Preserve Your Youth By Using Sunless Tanning Lotions Rather than Tanning Beds

It continues to amaze me that individuals insist on doing things that have bad consequences that they are fully aware of. When it comes to diet, some people opt for fast food and other greasy, fat laden treats simply because they are convenient and they taste really good, so I’m not speaking about that. Unfortunately, the healthier alternative to these things happens to be unpleasant, dried out and almost totally flavorless food that does anything but satisfy. If it were up to me, I’ll select the negatives over forcing myself to a life filled with unsatisfying, tasteless meals.

One of the most notable situations in my mind is tanning in natural sunlight or spending hrs in a tanning booth as opposed to utilizing sunless tanning products. While I understand that there is a relaxation factor to being warm and baking in the sun, I also know that that doing so for extended periods of time without having a high SPF content generously applied is dangerous. By looking at the coloration of the average person at the beach, you know they aren’t using enough protection to avoid skin damage! I’m no spring chicken, but I do not want to prematurely age myself by drying out my skin, harming the cells and having thick, leathery and terribly wrinkled skin before I hit my mid life crisis.

That’s why I believe that anyone who cares about their appearance needs to purchase sunless tanning products instead. Unlike the situation with our diet, sunless tanning products and basking in natural or artificial sunlight have the same immediate result- tanner skin. If one is looking to age themselves, then laying out for hrs at a time without having SPF is the answer. But most individuals who tan do it simply because of the enjoyment at the time of the activity as well as the way they appear afterward.

It’s not like SPF lotion is equal to taking the fat and sugar and flavor out of meals to make it healthy, as one can still enjoy the beach or pool when they apply SPF. So why take the wrinkling along with lying out, especially when sunless tanning lotions give a person the same exact tanned look?

Sunless tanning lotions have come a long way since their beginning into the health and beauty products realm of consumer goods. At one time, the end result of using sunless tanning products was a hideous unnatural looking coloration with streaks, ultra dark spots and public humiliation. When utilized correctly, either when you diy at home or have it applied by a licensed professional, today’s sunless tanning products are almost totally fool proof. The only person who has to know (beyond the person who applies it should you get it professionally done) that you are utilizing sunless products is you.

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