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Precious Stones are Nice and They Aren’t Expensive

If you are a guy, you need to buy jewelry. If you are a women, you do what you can do help guys buy jewelry. That’s why everyone will need to look at these money saving tips when buying all this bling.

Have a price in mind and just bid on online auctions, the prices are lower to begin with anyway and you will never need to overspend.

Don’t forget about pawn shops. These shops generally ask for the value of the material in the product without a stiff markup. Remember that generally the markup on jewelry can be as high as 500 percent.

Some of your friends will know where to buy jewelry so talk to everyone you know if you want some savings! They might even be friends with some stores so they will give you discounts and great service.

Don’t forget about servicing the jewelry afterward. Even paying slightly more may be worth it if the store will service (clean, adjust, etc) for you lifetime for free.

Flea markets and yard sales are a great place to find good deals on jewelry but make sure you are buying genuine stone and not some composite material.

Go to fairs and jewelry conferences to get wholesale discounts without buying wholesale quantities. To top it off, the dealers are usually very honest about their product too.

Most people will go to a jewelry store because of the advertisements but this is a usually a mistake. Where do you actually think the cost of advertising is covered?

Don’t ever walk into a jewelry store inside a mall. The rent is so expensive and they always transfer the cost to the customers. Shopping channels on TV is the same thing. Stay away.

There’s pure gold and there’s some other type of gold. Not every one is the same so make sure you know the difference before you commit to the price as cost will vary significantly.

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