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Portraying Our Unique Personality Through Our Choice Of Clothing

Some people dress to fit in, while others dress to stand out. Still, we all choose our unique brand of how we present ourselves, based on the effects we are trying to achieve. Maybe we dress for success, but not many of us can consistently dress to suit our personalities.

When we dress appropriately for our work environment, this may limit our clothing choices. There are generally only a handful of people who are so comfortable with themselves that they fully dress to reflect their tastes and personalities.

You can put your own unique stamp on the image you present to the world with your hair style as well as your hair. Both men and women can use hair style to do this. If they choose a cut that suits their personalities and says “this is who I am,” the cut will become part of their identities.

Better still, your hair is always with you unlike, say, your favorite jacket. You have your hair whether you are going on a date or going for an interview. It’s an easy way to telegraph your personality regardless of the setting.

With the right haircut, you can show others your individuality and still conform to work dress codes.

You can even be super-conservative, and be a bit individual through your hair. Have your hair cut at the best salon you can afford, because the quality will show and will set you apart.

Let’s face it, most of America is not a hotbed of trendsetting fashion. Still, you want to be the best you that you can be. Spend on looking your best, by getting a great haircut, and you’ll see the difference this makes in your outlook.

Spend a little more for a fantastic cut at a quality salon. This tells others that you know your worth and that you have a professional, quality, polished image regardless of the setting you are in.

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